About us


Welcome to St Mary’s church community, we are an Anglican church located in the three communites of Stansted, Fairseat and Vigo over a five mile stretch of the North Downs in Kent.

We are a vibrant community of Christians meeting together to worship on Sundays as well as holding many weekly and community events. We host a diverse range of activities including: bell-ringing, alpha courses, bible studies, prayer meetings and other social events.

St Mary’s picturesque church building at Stansted is an ideal location for weddings and baptisms both of which bring the church and communites to life on sunny Summer days. Festivals such as Harvest and Christmas are celebrated and supported by the wider community and we enjoy the presence of many visitors to this ancient place of worship.

We would be delighted to hear from you so please feel free to contact us.

St Mary’s Stansted.
Fairseat Chapel
Vigo Village Hall
Vigo Village Hall