January 2022 – A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

This new year we are starting to meet again on Sunday’s in Vigo Village Hall. It is nearly two years ago that we had to cease meeting in Vigo due to Covid-19 restrictions and the resultant difficulties that they caused. As we begin to meet again in Vigo, it will be different. Things have changed over the last few years. However, despite the setbacks, the good news is that it’s a new day and a fresh start, which is exciting. As with a lot of things in our lives, the pandemic has forced us to change the way that we go about things and to review our practice. In church, this means that we are changing the ways we do ministry. We can no longer do it the way we have always done it, or go back to how it was in the past. This is a new day and it is full of opportunities as well as challenges. Who would have thought that we would be a Zooming Facebook Church?

The pandemic has made us appreciate things that we just took for granted. The freedom to sing or even to meet is something that we never questioned or doubted. Having these freedoms removed has meant that we have realised just how much we value them and how important they are to us.

What we have found is that we really miss our meetings for Sunday worship in Vigo Village Hall as they add to the flavour and colour of our life together as a worshipping community. I have been so encouraged by the really positive reception of this news of our return to regular Sunday worship in Vigo Village Hall and we are looking forward to some really good meetings together.

Even in lockdown, we were, by the Grace of God, able to extend our borders through online meetings using Zoom and Facebook. Our Facebook services on Sunday morning continue to be well supported both in the community and beyond, and we are hoping that the connections that have been made will continue to help people to find their way into a physical meeting for worship, especially once this latest ‘variant’ has peaked.

Rev. Dr Christopher Noble – Rector

For more information see our website stmarysstansted.com. Recorded Sunday sermons available on acts6-4.com. For further details please contact the Rev Dr Chris Noble on 01732 822494 or email: rev.stmarysstansted@gmail.com