April 2022 – God is Living and Active

God is alive! The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is a powerful reminder that God is not dead. He is very much alive and so much more involved in our lives and our world than we think.

God allows in his wisdom what he could prevent by his power. He allowed his own son to suffer and die on the cross for a reason. We don’t always understand why things happen especially when they involve suffering and death. Often the understanding only comes later, as it did with the cross.

On Good Friday this world tried to kill God. We crucified him until he was dead and then we buried him, but on the third day, he rose again from the dead. We failed to get rid of God despite our best efforts. He would not leave us as orphans, which is a good thing.

Jesus is alive and through our faith in him, we too can be raised from the dead, spiritually in the present and physically in the future.

He is living and active which means that he is doing all sorts of things around us in miraculous ways that are far beyond our understanding or perception.

The Easter message is that God has not abandoned us and we are not alone in the universe.

Every day I have to wake up and open my eyes to see what he is doing. I need eyes to see and ears to hear the wonders of God that are taking place all around me. Instead of missing or dismissing the movements of God that are taking place, I am paying attention and praying to see what he is doing.

God has a will and he is actively involved in all of life here on earth. He is not an aloof or distant heavenly parent but fully engaged in the life of his creation and his creatures, including us. My prayer is that you may find him for yourself.

Rev. Dr Christopher Noble – Rector
St Mary’s Stansted with Fairseat and Vigo