January 2021 A New Creation

January 2021  A New Creation

As we glance back at the beginning of this new year we can see that life has been changing rapidly. Loved ones have been lost and lives have been changed in ways that we could not have foreseen just a year ago. Life has been interrupted and changed forever in such a short time. We cannot rewind the clock or reset the world as if nothing has happened. In many areas of life the ‘old has gone’ and we can’t go back. However, as unfamiliar as we find this new reality to be, it is not all bad news.

Creation waits in eager expectation for the revelations that are to come. A new creation awaits that is far superior to the old one. In Christ, people are being reborn and delivered into this new creation that was planned before the world began. In Christ the ‘old has gone’, meaning that our former life is in the past. It is dead and buried and we are not to dig it up. In Christ ‘the new has come’, meaning that we have been given a new life that is of a totally different order from the old one.

In the future, life will evolve differently from how it has done in the past. Old patterns and old ways of doing things will be discarded and new ways of being and living will emerge. In Christ people will no longer ‘live for themselves’ but ‘for Him who died and was raised again’.  Jesus sets the new pattern and framework for this new way of living.

Instead of being self-centred we find ourselves propelled into a future characterised by a God-centred disposition. In the new creation it is not ‘man’ at the centre of the universe but God. He is the potter and we are the clay, he is the master and we are his servants. In Christ self-seeking will slip away as we find ourselves living a new life filled with gratitude and joy. As St Francis prayed; ‘it is in dying that we are born to eternal life’. Death to self is the highroad to life in the new creation. The old has gone and the new has come.

Rev. Dr. Christopher Noble – Rector

St Mary’s Stansted with Fairseat and Vigo

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