October 2021 Our New Congregation

I want to say thanks to everyone who has joined our new Facebook congregation on Sunday mornings. We now have over a hundred people coming on board and it is really good fun to get together in this way for some spiritual refreshment.
There are obviously some big benefits to the Facebook church. You don’t have to leave home or even get dressed to come. You can drink coffee during the service or even eat your breakfast. You don’t even have to show up on time as the service is available all week and beyond.
It has also been really good to be able to welcome some of our dispursed congregation from various parts of the country. We even have some former residents join us from the United States. What a remarkable thing this is and if you have not yet found us do feel free to check us out.
It has also been great to get back to regular services in the church building and whilst we are continuing to take a cautious approach to the meetings we are finding some new and enjoyable ways of gathering together. There is more silence, more time for reflection and there has been more space to share the spiritual teaching of the church in a comprehensible and interesting way.
Our faith is of course much more than our time together on Sundays. The other six days of the week are the real challenge when we have to live out our faith in ordinary life. This is where the rubber hits the road as we are called on to exercise our faith in the workplace and at home.
Living the Christian life is not easy, in fact, it is impossible without God. Left to our own devices we struggle but with God all things are possible. Even if we do believe the question is how do we get God? How can we connect with the Lord of the universe? Can we really know God for ourselves?
There are answers if we want them and this is one of the main reasons that this church is here and has been here for the last 700 years. Contrary to popular opinion. The true and living God, that is the God of love, is not dead.

Rev. Dr Christopher Noble – Rector
There will continue to be a monetary collection for The Manna Society but Manna are unable to make their normal collection of harvest produce and clothes from us this year

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