January 2023 – Rudiments of Faith

At the age of eleven, my cousin who was a professional drummer, gave me a practice pad, a pair of drumsticks and a book of rudiments. Each day I practised these short exercises and without realising it, I learned to play the drums. It wasn’t until I started to play music with others that I realised just how much I had learned from these simple rudiments.

Learning to pray is a bit like learning to play a musical instrument because to progress you need to practice. The practice of prayer and personal meditation is foundational to the development of a living faith in God but it can be difficult to know how to begin. To help with this, I have written a book called Rudiments of Faith. It is a book of very short daily meditations and prayers which have been designed as rudiments for developing a faith that works. They are intended to be used every day to realise conscious contact with God.

The spiritual life is not a theory, it has to be lived, and the prayers and meditations in the book provide building blocks for developing the type of faith that works in everyday life. The exercises have been road-tested and have a proven track record in providing the reader with the necessary rudiments for a living and practical faith.

Discovering the presence of God in my heart has been a transformative journey for me and it is this experience that I want to share through these prayers and meditations. If you decide to read these rudiments of faith, my hope and prayers for you are that you will be able to experience not only a spiritual awakening but also an ongoing spiritual life that works in all the ups and downs of life. Whatever the circumstances of life, I know that by living on a spiritual basis, God’s peace and presence are always available.

Rudiments of Faith is available at the back of the Church as well as on Kindle and for purchase through Amazon Books.

Rev. Dr Christopher Noble – Rector

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